Misanthropic Ramblings

by Swearwolves

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released August 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Swearwolves Kent, UK

Queer grrl Created Strangeness


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Track Name: ☿⚙uR ☨a✌e 1s ♇R♀b✓ema✝ic
C3rd, d4th, e4th all on the A string
I’m so sorry that I have to say this.
I’m sad and I’m bored and I’ve played through the same old playlist
Do you know why I feel this way when every day is the same
I am trying hard but I can’t seem to find a way out
I chased you for a whole a two years I thought that’s what I needed to do
I found everything you liked and I made myself like you
I lied about suicide, and I lied about being straight
I lied because I wanted you to notice I was alive for more than 3 seconds
I’m sorry that I tried so hard that you let me in from pity C4
But I guess on the other hand not telling me to fuck off in the end was a little bit shitty
I tried to be everything you needed
But I was cast aside you didn’t really love me and fuck you I fucking believed it
Track Name: ⅰ ⓐm B☢Яi♌g.
Verse F A# F C
I Don't understand much of anything at all.
I am constantly pushed back against a wall and im sad.
Please just talk to me remind I'm worthless
because I feel, yeah I feel like im a plastic bag
that you have thrown away.

Chorus F A# G C
And i'm sorry that i'm boring and my rooms a goddamn mess
is it bad that im a terrified little beatdown ball of stress
im just a girl and all my problems don't seem big to anyone
anyone but me.

I spend the money I don't have on pretty things
because I feel so big and ugly i'm not dainty or anything
please just take away half of this cluttered stuff
cause it just takes up room takes up all my room
and i've had enough

here's a town its full of people but I prefer it when its not
I am always in my room its not a problem or maybe it is
Please just talk to me im lonely and I feel like a cardboard box
because I feel, yeah I feel like im full of problems
that someone else didnt want.
Track Name: Ⅰ ♒ill ⓝⓔⓥⓔⓡ G♀♀D 3n♀ugh
F A#
I guess I don't know too much about
anything mechanical and i'm sorry
I guess you're kind of upset that your daughter
can't be something you show off to your friends from high school
I should apologise but i'm pretty done
barely anyone my age knows anything

F C G A#
I'm trying really hard but i'll never be good enough
I suck I didn't pass the test
It must be really hard to look at me and be so disappointed
Don't worry cause I will be gone soon

I don't wanna be struggling
and at the same time dealing with all this fallout
I get that you're sad, and I get that you're hurt
you're just human and I understand that
I'm not expecting you to be some kind of superman
but you taught me pull my punches

A# G
I'm really tired and my back hurts
and know your life's hard but you're just not helping
i'm sorry that i'm hurting you
but please understand that it's not on purpose.

Verse 1

Track Name: ✝ø ⓗⓔⓛⓛ ⓦⅰ✝♓ ⓨⓞⓤⓡ ø☧ⅰnⅰøn
I've liked you on and off for such a long time
So how can it be that you make me feel
like your tying my mind up with a red thread
i can't cut myself free but i have to try

We got a reason that means we keep on fighting
and we can't give up because we're covered in blood
you put your arm through my chest i feel it holding
onto my heart as it beats in distress

My legs keep moving an i keep my eyes on teh goal
My hands won't let go of my sword my destiny is my own
this all means something but i really don't care what
My heart is aching but i gotta run i'll never stop

I fought my way up from the bottom
i swear this place has got a mind of its own
there are so many secrests in the walls here
it keeps on trying to tear through my bones

I walk alone this isn't your fight
so don't follow me i know you wanna try
your just gonna get hurt this is a warning
and it might not be fair but you know i'm right.